The „Edgemag.“ is a publication that deals with the frontiers of contemporary photography in a critical, documentary and artistical way. It happens to be a platform for extraordinary projects which confronts us with facts that are usually concealed in our society.
This magazine curates unique people who see things differently and who are brave enough to show us their individual way of thinking. Through their eyes we get the opportunity to critically focus on hidden issues. Therefore photography seems like the perfect medium to push boundaries into different directions.
Issue 1 provides us insight of a country which is separated from the rest of the world. Most western people barely know anything about circumstances in North Korean everyday life. „The land of whispers“ illuminates several perspectives who have dealt with interpendence of North Korean society. This takes us on an unexpected journey to gain knowledge from unkonwn terrain.
There are four printed releases of „Edgemag.“ every year that you can order online. Visit where you can also get a handpicked selection of additional information to each available issue.

And now sit back and enjoy!
Editorial Design
Milan Soremski
4/4 - farbig Eruoskala/Euroskala
Koller Media
Paper: Munken Lynx 170 g/m²
Cover: Munken Lynx 300 g/m²
Klebebindung mit Holmet

Acumin Pro
designed by Robert Slimbach

Editorial office
© Milan Soremski


The life of the women Army
Lee Chulmu

Phil Bicker

Noko Jeans
Sandra Schulz

The atlas of beauty
Sian Ranscombe

28 State-Approved Hairstyles
Courtney Subramanian

American Hostages
Justin Rohrlich

Escape From Camp 14
Stephen Applebaum

Nick Mafi

Escape from North Korea
Alex Preston

Edgemag. Staff Pick
Harrison Jacobs

© David Guttenfelder
© Noko Jeans
© Mihalea Noroc
© Elaine Li
© Eric Lafforgue
© Reuters

© Milan Soremski

Fachhochschule Salzburg

The „Edgemag.“, including all the content is a creative art project for the typography class at the FH Salzburg.
Notice that this magazin is a student project which is not intended for commercial sale.
Thank you!

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